Ultra Low NOx <5ppm

Cutting edge technology capable of meeting sub 5 ppm NOx guarantees in fielded applications.

No Flame Impingement and Increase Heater Duty

Due to the arrangement of the burner and its combustion surfaces, flame dimensions are significantly reduced. This, combined with the elimination of a conventional burner tile, allows the burner to increase fired capacity without the need to change existing cutouts in the furnace floor.

100% Hydrogen

Capable of achieving Ultra Low NOx in applications with 100% H2.

Low CO Emissions

Due to the burner technology’s reduced need for entraining flue gas within the furnace, CO emissions are greatly reduced over current generation burners in cold furnace environments.

Round or Flat Flame Configurations

The ClearSign Core™ burner technology arrangement is highly adaptable with the ability to shape the geometry of the flame and radiating surfaces to optimize heat flux for different furnace applications.

Natural Draft and Forced Draft Applications

The burner can be operated under natural draft or forced draft conditions.