ClearSign Combustion Corporation designs and develops technologies that aim to solve the greatest challenge facing the energy industry today: capital intensive emissions control requirements which reduce process throughput, consume energy, complicate design and destroy profits. Our technologies offer simple retrofit strategies for superior emissions control and improved performance during combustion for a fraction of the cost of after-treatment methods which can only address part of the problem. Our methods can be deployed anywhere there is an open flame, regardless of the fuel type.



ClearSign Core™ process burners are ideal for existing heaters where NOx solutions with an SCR are too expensive and current generation burners cannot meet the NOx emissions.


BOILER Burners

ClearSign Core™ boiler burners introduce a disruptive technology, ideal for firetube and watertube boilers. Delivering <2.5ppm NOx performance in a simple to use, automated package.



ClearSign Core™ flaring burners offer a modular design with varying firing capacities by scaling the number of burner pods. Delivering market leading NOx <15ppm and 99.99+% DRE.