ClearSign Core™ Flare Technology

At multiple installations, our ClearSign Core™ Enclosed Flare has consistently delivered sub 15 ppm NOx and greater than 99.9% destruction efficiency, all without any visible flames. It is available in Forced and Natural Draft configurations and can service the wellhead, pipeline, upstream and midstream industries. ClearSign's offering represents a cost effective, reliable, and complete solution for today's requirements in Ultra-Low Emissions flaring.

Complete flare systems include the flare tube, fuel skid, burner management system, and flame safeguards. Gas heating values ranging from 500 - 2,000 Btu/scf.


99.99+% DRE

Achieve field verified and class leading destruction efficiency with guarantees up to 99.99% DRE.

Eliminates VOC's

Significantly reduce hydrocarbon slip and reduce the emissions footprint of your site

NOx & CO

Ultra Low NOx <15ppm
Ultra Low CO <50ppm


Eliminate smoking flares, even heavier waste gas streams.


Core combustion takes place in a matter of inches rather than the long lazy flames of traditional combustors.