Near Zero NOx (NZN) / Ultra Low NOx (ULN) Firetube Boiler Burner

Complying with increasingly tough emissions requirements is a continued challenge for the boiler industry. Conventional ultra-low NOx burners have been pushed to their limits; they have become increasingly complex and costly, and in some regions, still fail to meet current NOx requirements. SCRs can meet these new emissions regulations, but they come with significant capital and operating cost as well as the need for additional training to handle required catalysts and reagents.


Emerging Ultra Low-NOX Burner Technologies

Prepared by ICF for submission to the Southern California Gas Company as part of the Gas Emerging Technologies

The GET Program Project
The project will research emerging Ultra-low NOx (ULN) Burner technologies to provide actionable recommendations of technologies and gaps for further study by the GET program. This project will research and evaluate cost-effective, efficient, and ultra-low emission burner technologies including burner geometry designs, and add-on controls. A final report documenting the findings will be developed, which will provide investor-owned utilities with information to assess the retrofit feasibility, add-on control feasibility, and the operating cost of these new ULN burner technologies.

Rogue Combustion


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